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VR for the rehabilitation of multiple sclerosis patients with Nokia and Armundia

23. 03. 2023 Thursday / By: Robert Denes / Generic / Exact time: BST / Print this page

The project is called Helping Hands and includes 4 video scenarios dealing with nutrition, physical activity, psychological well-being and physical rehabilitation.

Immersive virtual reality in the rehabilitation of people with multiple sclerosis: the Don Gnocchi Foundation's Helping Hands project aims to increase its use, jointly promoted by Nokia and the Armudia Group, and patients are followed by the Santa Maria Nascente center in Milan.

The goal is to improve the patient's resilience, especially the motivation to consciously follow the indications of the rehabilitation programs and to maintain the correct behavior in relation to physical activity, healthy eating and psychological well-being, also thanks to the video. scenarios that can be used using VR to allow you to immerse yourself in settings specifically designed for the rehabilitation program.

According to the creators' explanation, since 2016, some patients with multiple sclerosis, who come from different regions of Italy, have been accompanied by trained medical and nursing staff from Santa Maria Nascente to the Maddalena archipelago, so that they can measure themselves in a different context. such as sailing courses in the waters of Sardinia, learning to better understand the limits and possibilities. The initiative was accompanied by healthy and correct nutrition programs developed by a biologist-nutritionist, as well as continuous and targeted rehabilitation treatment. The Don Gnocchi team. Patients can now live this experience remotely, thanks to viewers who reproduce 4 thematic video scenarios on nutrition, physical activity, meditation, psychological well-being and physical rehabilitation.

The Helping Hands project was funded by Nokia, which made it possible to purchase the necessary hardware, including the 3D camera used to film the meetings in Sardinia. The remaining amount will be used for physiotherapy and virtual reality sessions. In addition, Nokia staff processed the footage and created the video scripts. Armudia, a digital company specializing in the design and delivery of digital platforms, provided consulting, technical and professional support services to create, implement and make the experience easy to use, supplemented by the VR viewer.

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