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Together with Telia, Digita and Nokia, Valmet has developed a scalable private network solution

15. 05. 2023 Monday / By: Robert Denes / Industrial / Exact time: BST / Print this page

T ogether with Telia, Digita and Nokia, Valmet developed and implemented a scalable private network solution for its manufacturing facilities. With the help of the solution, Valmet can develop industrial Internet implementations during its production and maintenance.

Thanks to the private network designed for industrial operating environments, Valmet is able to develop, for example, intelligent production, maintenance, security and wireless indoor logistics automation on a reliable and secure mobile platform. The solution was designed from the start to be globally scalable, and the capacity of the private network can be shared between nearby manufacturing plants using the SD-WAN network solution.

“We expect the private network to enhance Valmet's ability to develop factory-level operations to better meet growing business needs. The flexibility, speed, accessibility and information security of the solution mean a lot to us," says Matias Majaharju, Valmet's director responsible for IT infrastructure and end-user computing.

A private network is a mobile network that operates independently of the public mobile phone network. In our own network environment, the customer's critical communications are fully secured and all the features of mobile technology that support industrial automation, such as massive capacity and low latency, are fully available to the customer.

"More and more pioneering Finnish companies are using private networks to make production more efficient and improve operations. Private networks open up new opportunities for industry in automation, and as a leading company, Valmet sets a good example for industry and its customers in the practical application of digitization solutions. "says Kaisa Pajari, Director of Corporate Network and Communication Services at Telia.

Valmet's private network is based on Nokia's Digital Automation Cloud technology. The solution can be expanded to meet the needs of Valmet's offices and customers in Finland and around the world. The private network uses 4G or 5G technology as needed. The first part of the solution was introduced in 2022 at the Valmet sites in Tampere.

With the digitization of the manufacturing industry and industrial production, there are more and more automation solutions and robotics in factories and production facilities. More and more data is collected from production processes, for example to support decision-making when various machines and devices are connected to the network. In telecommunications, wireless connection is key, and the private network creates the conditions for reliable and comprehensive data transmission between machines, even in challenging industrial environments, as well as for supporting and facilitating human activity. In addition to usability and accessibility, information security and the protection of critical data are increasingly important, and the main advantage of a private network is precisely the protection of confidential information.

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