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The first HMD phone will arrive in July, and the iconic Nokia phone in May

25. 02. 2024 Sunday / By: Robert Denes / Reviews / Exact time: BST / Print this page

The Finnish company HMD Global, previously known for Nokia phones, presented its new strategy at its own presentation event in Barcelona on Sunday before the Mobile World Congress fair. In addition to the HMD Original product range, HMD Global's range is complemented by various license partnerships and brand collaborations, the first of which has just been announced with the toy company Mattel and the Barbie brand.

HMD was already expected to announce the first HMD products today, but it was said that they will not be released until the summer. HMD has released the pixelated preview that shows almost nothing! In the future, HMD will bring its products under its own brand name, Nokia phones will still be visible. The pink phone in the preview is the Barbie clamshell phone coming in July, and the yellow is the iconic Nokia phone coming in May, bringing back the classic Nokia phone with a modern twist. The first HMD phones in blue and gray will be released in July.

The acronym HMD is said to be derived from the words Human Mobile Devices, which describes HMD's aim to create human-like products. The aim of the HMD brand is to make Nokia phones more modern and bold, which is also reflected in the design of the phones. The design is colorful, and based on the other preview images, it looks like Nokia's Lumia phones of the past few years in a way we haven't seen before from HMD Global.

Recently, HMD Global continues to focus on the easy repairability and environmental friendliness of the phones, as is usual with Nokia phones. According to HMD, 1/4 of the phones sold in Europe last year were easily self-repairable, and this year the number is expected to rise to 3/4. Globally, the share is expected to reach half. The HMD phone arriving in July invested in even easier repairability, with even fewer steps to replace the screen.

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