The 5G mission-critical van is on a tour across Canada

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With a high-performance, reliable, low-latency wireless connection between the van and Nokia drones, emergency responders can understand in real time what is happening in critical situations. The XO area and Nokia will send the van on a trip to visit 10 locations in Canada and show live 5G demonstrations for public safety, mining, rural broadband and hydropower.

With the support of the Canadian government, through FedDev Ontario, Nokia, Area XO, created and led by Invest Ottawa, and InDro Robotics are working together to help companies expand their business with private wireless devices for business and public security applications.

October 13, 2020

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Nokia today announced the ongoing deployment of 4.9G / LTE and 5G wireless solutions and Nokia Drone Networks with Area XO (formerly Ottawa L5) under the leadership of Invest Ottawa. the XO 5G area mobile command center. The van will tour Canada to show emergency responders and industry verticals how they can use the private wireless network for enhanced situational awareness to help in unsafe conditions and help prevent disasters.

Using high-performance, reliable, low-latency private wireless connectivity between the van and Nokia drones, emergency responders can understand what’s happening in critical situations in real-time. The securely connected drones can be equipped with HD and thermal cameras, and rapidly deployed to specific locations providing aerial insight from live video streams, as well as sensors and data, without putting responders in harm’s way. The thermal technology can be used to detect people, steam, gas and smoke, as well as leakages and heat variation. This makes it an effective tool for prevention, incident monitoring and support, and inspection across multiple use cases.

Complementing the drones, the van will also showcase how the use of 5G standalone private wireless “deployables” both in cmW and mmW spectrum, can help first responders to be more efficient and easily gain situational awareness with a range of environment sensors, applicable also for Industry 4.0 use cases.

Nokia's Integrated Operations Center (IOC) offers a unified real-time view into all assets, bringing efficiency with analytics integration, while facilitating rapid response based on automated workflows across multiple applications.

Area X.O and Nokia will send the van on a road trip to visit 10 sites in Canada and it will showcase live 5G demonstrations for public safety, mining, rural broadband, and hydroelectric.

Michael Tremblay, President and CEO, Area X.O, Invest Ottawa and Bayview Yards said: “As a leader in 5G and with a long-established presence in Canada, Nokia is the ideal partner as we take 5G on the road. We hope to inspire the first responders, industry verticals, and businesses of all sizes to discover what 5G can do to keep them safe and thrive.”

Shawn Sparling, Vice President of Enterprise and Public Sector, Nokia Canada, said: “We have been long-term partners with the team at Area X.O and Invest Ottawa more broadly. We continue to support their mission to drive growth for Ottawa businesses. With our shared philosophy on leveraging technology to expand opportunities in Canada, we look forward to this next step. The combination of our unmatched expertise in private wireless deployments and the Nokia Drone Networks will bring 5G to life for people and organizations across the country.”

Philip Reece, Founder and CEO, InDro Robotics said: “Having recently expanded to a full-time base in Ottawa we are proud to be working so closely with the leaders in 5G. Area X.O enabled InDro Robotics to bring together the best across the industry to build a mobile command centre capable of increasing abilities for first responders and providing frontline workers with cutting-edge technology, Nokia Drone Networks, communications, 5G networks, AI and so much more. This is how Ottawa stays at the forefront of innovation and supports growth.”

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