System update for Nokia 2 V and Nokia 3 V smartphones at Verizon - USA

14. 09. 2020 Monday / By: Robert Denes / Software / Exact time: BST / Print this page

A new system update is now available on Verizon, the largest network in the United States, for the two Nokia 2 V and Nokia 3 V smartphones, which are now available and downloadable.

Starting with Nokia 2 V, the device will receive the 10th system update. The new software version 00WW_1_13J includes monthly security fixes released after the 9th system update, which runs from April to August 2020. Apart from these, the update has now added DC (District of Columbia) and some U.S. territories to the list of statuses required to register an e911 address.

Next up is Nokia 3 V, which will receive the 4th system update in the form of software version 00VZW_1_35H. This new update includes the May, June, and July 2020 security fixes.

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