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Proceedings will be opened against Jensen Medina Cardona for bringing a Nokia mobile phone into the prison

12. 01. 2023 Thursday / By: Robert Denes / Generic / Exact time: BST / Print this page

In Medina Cardona's cell, they allegedly found 75 packets of heroin, a bag of cocaine and a Nokia mobile phone. Justice Department Secretary Domingo Emanuelli Hernández reported Thursday that the Bayamón Prosecutor's Office has filed charges against Jensen Medina Cardona for allegedly smuggling drugs and cellphones into the Bayamón Regional Prison, where he is serving time for murder.

“Jensen Medina will not begin his lengthy sentence for taking a woman's life, but he continues to break the law in prison. The Department of Justice has a duty to prosecute these illegal acts, which also affect the correctional population," the secretary said in a written statement.

After hearing the evidence presented by the Public Ministry, Bayamón Court of First Instance Judge Gloria De Jesús found cause for arrest and set bail at $46,000. The preliminary hearing was scheduled for January 24.

According to the investigation, a routine search was conducted at the Bayamón Regional Prison on December 14. In Medina Cardona's cell, they allegedly found 75 packets of heroin, a bag of cocaine and a Nokia mobile phone.

In light of these facts, Prosecutor Mónica Pérez Díaz filed two charges of violation of the Controlled Substances Act, related to the possession and distribution of narcotics; a charge under Article 277 of the Penal Code of Puerto Rico, in connection with the possession and importation of articles into a penal institution; and indictment on 15-2011. for violating the law of 2008, which prohibits the possession and use of mobile phones by persons incarcerated in the island's penal institutions.

Agent Lisbell Mateo Rivera of the Bureau of Narcotics Unit worked with the Public Prosecutor's Office on the investigation.

Fajardo Court Judge Gema González Rodríguez previously sentenced Jensen Medina Cardona to 129 years in prison for the murder of Arellys Mercado Ríos in Villa Marina in Fajardo in August 2019.

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