Orange Business Services and Nokia will install a private mobile network in the factory of the future

16. 10. 2021 Saturday / By: Robert Denes / Industrial / Exact time: BST / Print this page

B utachimie plays a significant role in the production of nylon chain polyamide intermediates in France and has been committed for several years to modernizing facilities and optimizing production. Orange Business Services has decided to Nokia to install a private mobile network at its Chalampé plant in Alsace. This private network is the backbone of Butachimie’s digital transformation project, which he wanted to digitize businesses and processes, starting with website and data security. In order to meet Butachimie’s needs and anticipate the challenges of the Factory of the Future, Orange Business Service has designed a redundant and secure 4G private mobile network that can be upgraded to 5G, is well accessible and dedicated.

This private network allows Butachimie teams to gain controlled and effective access to information system applications; they can also take advantage of new services via wirelessly connected devices (geolocation, intercom, camera, real-time sharing of videos and images, etc.). In addition, the equipment and the data collected ensure a high level of network availability of more than 99.99%, which makes it possible to forecast failures and guarantee continuous production within the plant.

Stéphane Cazabonne, project manager at Butachimie, said: “Our digital transformation and modernization plan has to meet very stringent challenges in terms of security and availability. Therefore, it is essential for us to be able to rely on reliable partners who can provide us with technological robustness, personalized support, and our business knowledge and related uses. Thanks to Orange Business Services and Nokia, we are taking a new step towards developing the Factory of the Future by offering our operators new tools to increase our performance and competitiveness in our industry. With this scalable network, we can finally benefit from the performance and benefits of the technology, such as 5G, which is already predicted ”.

The joint structure of the solution based on the use cases From the start of the project, experts from Orange Business Services and Butachimie have developed a joint construction approach, especially in designing industrial applications that meet the challenges and trade of the plant.

With its expertise in mobile networking, cybersecurity and business application development, Orange Business Services provides advice and technical support on full network management and the use cases around it. Industry 4.0 current or future. In the design phase, Orange Business Services considered the scalability of the private mobile network, in particular by designing an architecture adapted to the principles of Mobile Edge Computing.

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