Nokia is planting trees for every smartphone sold in Europe in Madagascar and Mozambique

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N okia is planting trees in Madagascar and Mozambique for every smartphone sold in Europe. HMD Global, the owner of the Nokia brand, has launched another eco-campaign with the aim of planting dozens of trees for each unit sold in several models in its product line.

Nokia’s new “Sit Together” initiative includes a commitment to plant new trees for every X and G-series smartphone we sell.

HMD Global announced that the move was announced to further strengthen the sustainability of its smartphone business, which already includes long-term software warranty and support.

It is a partnership with the Ecologi group, which Nokia has hired to plant a number of trees (located in Mozambique or Madagascar) in proportion to each new device sold for the G and X series and the new T20 tablet.

Nokia has been showing many of the latest smartphones as sustainability-focused products: for example, the X10 comes in 100% recyclable packaging and is just one of many devices that come with up to 3 years of official Android operating system and patch updates from security.

Also, according to a company statement issued on Wednesday, October 27, 2021, the initiative is only available to European buyers and will last until the brand reaches 35,000 trees planted. Sustainability is increasingly present in the current strategy of global corporations, in virtually every sector. HMD Global has also made efforts in this direction, such as packaging 100% recyclable products and replacing parts with sustainable materials.

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