Nokia is building a network in the 450 MHz and 410 MHz bands in Argentina

15. 10. 2021 Friday / By: Robert Denes / Industrial / Exact time: BST / Print this page

A lvis is installing the first network that Nokia will build into its 5G-ready LTE network in Argentina, combining the 450 MHz and 410 MHz bands to connect rural areas where intensive farming takes place and reach both production areas and the underprivileged population.

Nokia's 5G-ready LTE network will serve more than 36 rural areas in Argentina. The goal in this case is to provide connectivity to promote the use of industry 4.0 in agriculture, energy distribution, security and location services for people and horses in rural areas.

Marcelo Dumanjió, CEO of Alvis, said in a statement: “the network allows us to provide internet services in suburban and rural areas that connect their equipment, fixed equipment, machines (harvesters, tractors, seeders, trucks), silos, meteorological stations. for example, and other fixed and mobile connections should be connected where this was not possible and all forms of production efficiency should be captured”.

Marcelo Entreconti, Director of Latin America at Nokia Enterprise, said: “The company is very enthusiastic about“ being part of this innovative project that connects thousands of Argentines for the first time, bridging the digital divide and facilitating education, health and entertainment. The network is also designed to provide connectivity services to different business sectors, opening up new sources of revenue for ALVIS and the people around it”.

Alvis is the only operator in the country licensed to operate in the 450 MHz band in more than 100 cities and will operate commercially. This network will be combined with deployment in the 410 MHz band in pilot mode to take advantage of the long range they generate, thereby supporting business cases that need to be facilitated and that will be key for 5G in the future, the first effects of which are farms.

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