Nokia Power Earbuds BH-605 discount prices in Nokia stores in China

18. 05. 2020 Monday / By: Robert Denes / Features / Exact time: BST Print this page

At the Nokia Shop in China, we can buy the Nokia Power Earbuds at a discount, which is a great accessory that unfortunately has not had much success around the world. Nokia Power Earbuds is now available at a relatively affordable price, available for ¥ 499.00, and its two most important outstanding features are the 3000 mAh charger case and graphene membranes, designed to deliver unmatched sound quality.

The price of the BH-605 or Nokia Power Buds is 200 Yuan lower over the next 5 days, which we can now buy for ¥ 499.00, which is close to € 65.

The design of the earplugs does not contain anything special - they are made of a combination of matte and glossy plastic, the latter to some extent imitating glass. The shape of the earplugs should be comfortable enough during long use, but we have found it to be highly subjective. The Power Earbuds IPX7 is also protected from rain and sweat - a slightly higher rating than you’d normally find with a TWS headset. Withstands outdoor conditions during training without any problems. Speaking of training, the fit was fairly secure and remained in place even during intense training.

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