Nokia Essential wireless earphones and headphones in stores

27. 07. 2020 Monday / By: Robert Denes / Features / Exact time: BST / Print this page

Nokia has launched the all-new Nokia Essential audio series through two branded wireless headphones (E3200 and E3500) and one wireless headset (E1200) through a brand license agreement for RichGo Technology headphones and mobile accessories. Nokia's latest "Nokia Essential" audio series, the pricing of which is currently unknown, will soon be available to customers in several regions.

Although the cost and availability of the products have not yet been announced, the RichGo Technology website states that the products from the store will only be available in China and the Asia-Pacific region. Thanks to the consumer support page for products on the Nokia website, we now know that the products will be available in five regions, namely mainland China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan and Taiwan.

We are not sure whether more countries will be on the list in the future or not. By the way, RichGo Technology will lead the mainland Chinese and Japanese distribution and customer service department. AV Resources will be the distributor and customer service in Hong Kong, Egogo Hub in Indonesia and TC Star in Taiwan.

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