Nokia 8210 4G, Nokia 5710 XA and Nokia 2660 Flip appeared on the list of distributors

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N umerous merchant lists and new certificates show that three Nokia Original phones, namely Nokia 5710 XA, Nokia 8210 4G and Nokia 2660 Flip await the appearance worldwide, which has been priced in Australia. It is good to note that the launch of these handsets can only be a matter of weeks, as HMD Global will soon launch the priced devices.

The new Nokia phones will also be prepared for future introduction, as well as the new Nokia X-series and G-series smartphones. Distributors show that the Nokia 8210 4G and Nokia 5710 XA can be the two classics and the Nokia 2660 flip that can be re-launched as 2022.

Nokia 8210 4G:

The older Nokia 8210 appeared on the market as the smallest and the lightest Nokia phones. The new Nokia 8210 supports 4G and, according to the same Australian dealer, is available in two SIM cards, according to the same Australian merchant. Now, the 2022 version, Nokia 8210 4G, is on the list, blue, red and sand at an Australian merchant at 127.6 Aud (GBP 71, EUR 82 and USD 87).

Nokia 5710 XA:

The Nokia 5710 Version XA will be TA-1498. The original Nokia 5710 should have been an Xpressmusic phone, but it was not announced. One of the main features of the phone was the rotating keyboard, which can be rotated at 360 ° and can rest in four different positions that are related to specific functions. Apart from the anticipated numeric keyboard, the other modes were as follows: 153.6 Aud (GBP 86, EUR 100 and USD 105).

Nokia 2660 Flip

Nokia Mobile is planning to launch many Nokia X and G 5G smartphones in the second half of the year. Many of these smartphones can operate with 480 plus 5G processors. In fact, HMD Global has already pointed out in the Qualcomm press release that it is considering future smartphones.

Thus, it is very likely that HMD Global will launch a whole new selection of Nokia smartphones with Snapdragon 480 Plus technology as it insists that it uses its predecessor in many cases. However, this can be disappointing for Nokia fans who have expected a stronger processor to drive future Nokia smartphones. However, the attractive price can find many interested in these affordable 5G smartphones.

Earlier this year, Nokia Mobile announced its second Flip phone, Nokia 2760 Flip, which can only be purchased only in the United States. However, Nokia also has another flip phone for global markets. Last month, the appliance already certified by EMT and FCC will be launched under the name Nokia 2660 Flip, according to the new certificate. The TA-1469, TA-1474 and TA-1480 model Nokia 2660 Flip is a 4G phone with a 1450 mAh battery and can be charged with 5 V, 0.55 with the nominal adapter. According to a British retailer, it will be available in blue and black for the time being without pricing.

2g function phone(s):

In addition, some versions of the 2G function phone (s) have been published in the certificates, including TA-1459 and TA-1473, while TA-1467 is mentioned in a separate certificate. Each version will be 5 V, 0.55 A (2.75 W) can be filled with voltage.

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