Nokia 7.1 and Nokia 5.3 September Security Updates

30. 09. 2020 Wednesd / By: Robert Denes / Software / Exact time: BST / Print this page

The latest security update for September has been available for Nokia 7.1 and Nokia 5.3. An update to Nokia 7.1 has recently been released, but an update to Nokia 5.3 has been in the pipeline for some time, but the release schedule seems to vary across markets.

Nokia 5.3 September Security Update Size:

Our version 5.3 of Nokia is still waiting for the September security patch, while some will get it with the new version of Android Build (V1.280). The update is not as large at just 76.67 MB and brings user fixes, improving system stability in addition to the security patch.

Nokia 7.1 September Security Update Size:

An update to Nokia 7.1 seems to be available in some markets as well. The update is 19.23 MB in size and only brings the latest security patch.

Read the full details of the Sept security update here.

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