Nokia 5310 (2020) and Nokia 5.3 drop test

07. 09. 2020 Monday / By: Robert Denes / Features / Exact time: BST / Print this page

Check out this break test video made by The Print in India on a car overpass with the recently announced Nokia 5310 (2020) and Nokia 5.3. The video lasts about 5 minutes, in which you can see the test result of the crash test of the two phones. The devices are dropped from a height of about 10 meters onto the asphalt road.

Are you excited about the Nokia 5.3 drop test? What about a similar test on the Nokia 5310 (2020)? Do these devices manage to survive themselves if someone drops them from a greater distance (e.g., throws them off their patio)? Well, ThePrint tried to answer these questions in its latest video posted on YouTube.

The video lasts about 5 minutes when a drop of tests are performed on the Nokia 5.3 (a newly launched mid-range smartphone powered by Android One) and the Nokia 5310 (2020) (a phone with multimedia functionality, specifically for music lovers, reminding us old Nokia 5310 ExpressMusic).

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