Nokia 5.3 new Android 10 version and July security update

22. 07. 2020 Wednesday / By: Robert Denes / Software / Exact time: BST Print this page

Nokia 5.3 is one of three Nokia phones launched by Nokia Mobile in March 2020. The phone now gets a new Android Build update that should fix a number of bugs found in the current user interface.

I will update the phone as I write this post and come back later when I check to see if the bugs have already been addressed. Nokia 5.3 looks like a promising mid-range phone, but it's annoying to use due to software bugs.

The update contains significant changes that now appear to have fixed most bugs, but so far they have not been able to check them all. The rotation of the UI display is now much smoother and the screen does not rotate as often. All other user interface animations have been polished to make the phone feel a little faster. The resolution of the face is still slow, but it works.

The camera app was updated from version 96.9.0370.059 to version 96.9.0370.065, but I did not notice any significant changes. The main camera still works well, maybe the shots are a bit sharper, and the Macro camera seems to have improved with the update. The wide-angle camera continues to distort images at the edges, and differences in color are still visible when switching between the main and wide cameras.

List of markets:

  • United Kingdom

    Nokia 5.3 Android 10 update size:

    The Nokia 5.3 update is 215 MB in size. You will either be prompted to download the update, or you can check it in the Settings menu by checking for system updates and then checking for the update.

    Nokia 5.3 Android 10 Update Switch Log:

    Nokia 5.3 gets stability enhancements and unknown user interface enhancements with the new Android 10 version. The most serious of the issues that the July security patch fixes is a critical vulnerability in the System component that could allow a remote attacker to use arbitrary code to execute arbitrary code in a privileged process.

    Read the full details of the July security update here.

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