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List of retailers revealed upcoming HMD products - Nokia 225 4G, Nokia 235 4G, Nokia 110 4G, Nokia 3210, HMD Pulse+, HMD Pulse Pro, Legend Pro Trio and HMD T21 Tablet

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At the end of February in Barcelona, HMD presented its new strategy, which includes products manufactured under its own HMD brand name, the apparently more limited continuous Nokia licensing, product production for partners and new significant product partnerships, such as Collaboration to bring a Barbie clamshell phone to market this summer.

The iconic Nokia phone coming out in May is the return of the Nokia 3210. Retailers have confirmed that HMD's new Nokia 3210 4G will come in at least three colors, namely Scuba Blue, Grunge Black and Y2K Gold.

More upcoming Nokia phones:

Nokia 225 4G

The colors are at least pink and dark blue

Nokia 235 4G

Colors purple, blue and black

Nokia 110 4G (2024)

Its color is at least Nordic Blue

The new Nokia 225 4G appears to be the successor to the 2020 Nokia 225 4G, while the Nokia 235 4G is a novelty. The new year model of the Nokia 110 4G is a continuation of the phone that was presented only in the spring of 2023.

The new, perhaps the first HMD phones will bear the Pulse model names. The previously disclosed names are expected to be code names only, but they appear to be the final model names after they have already appeared on dealer lists.

The following are coming:

HMD Pulse+

6.56 inch screen

6 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage memory

The color is at least Midnight Blue

HMD Pulse Pro

6 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of storage memory

At least Twilight Purple, Black Ocean and Glacier Green

In addition to the Pulse+ and Pulse Pro presented on dealer lists, previous revelations also told about the Pulse model. Based on previous revelations, the Legend / Legend+ / Legend Pro trio arrives as another new series of phones from HMD. HMD is renaming some of its previous Nokia products. For example, the Nokia T21 tablet will be HMD T21 based on the list of retailers.

Additionally, HMD is also announcing a proprietary charger known as the HMD Dual Port Wall Charger 30W. The charger is black in color and costs around 20-25 euros. Based on the name, it can be assumed that the charger is capable of charging two devices simultaneously. The exact technical information about the future devices is not yet known, and no pictures of them have been leaked. We'll likely hear more in the coming weeks.

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