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LINX have announced Nokia as their technical partner for the refresh of their US interconnection platform

14. 09. 2023 Thursday / By: Robert Denes / Industrial / Exact time: BST / Print this page

The London Internet Exchange (LINX) recently announced their commitment to invest in a full network upgrade of their US interconnect platform - LINX NoVA.

LINX NoVA was launched in 2014 with the goal of building a multi-datacenter, interconnected platform for the Internet community in the United States. Nearly ten years later, the Internet Exchange Point (IXP) continues to welcome new joining members and data center partners to the community, but Richard Petrie, CTO of LINX, recognized that there was still more value to be added to the networks connected there.

“We are replacing all of LINX NoVA's older devices that have served us very well over the years, but we are at a point where we need to update the technology and design to add more members and expand the Internet Exchange Point. Northern Virginia remains at the heart of US connectivity, and our mission is to increase capacity and bring more networks together. As many more of our members are connecting on 100 GE, we are also getting requests for 400 GE capacity, so we need to be prepared and fulfill these in the near future.”

LINX has been working with Nokia as a technical supplier for almost two years. The partnership has delivered Nokia 7750 SR-7s edge routers to LINX sites in London so that members joining there can order 400GE services.

Rodney Dellinger, CTO of Nokia Webscale, commented on the partnership: “Working with LINX has been great as we are both passionate about innovative networking technology that can shape the next generation of Internet services. Our partnership began with integration into their automation systems and the introduction of 400GE services across their European footprint. Nokia is proud that LINX has chosen us for their African expansion and now they have selected us as their technical partner for the upgrade of their US connectivity platform, LINX NoVA.

The technical partnership has gone from strength to strength as Nokia was selected for LINX's new interconnection platform in Kenya, LINX Nairobi late last year, and now for the planned upgrade of the LINX NoVA network this year.

LINX NoVA will deploy Nokia 7220 IXR routers running Nokia SR Linux NOS to provide L2 connectivity services to interconnect sites in Northern Virginia. Leveraging Nokia's leadership in EVPN and VXLAN routing capabilities, LINX NoVA will have the scale and performance to launch services quickly and efficiently. With Nokia's model-driven routing architecture and rich telemetry, LINX NoVA will be able to make the most of its manageability and automation capabilities.

The LINX NoVA network upgrade improves the capabilities and performance of existing networks connected to the IXP. It will also assist in building and operating LINX's connectivity services available on their London platform. This includes not only peering services, but also closed user groups, private vLAN connections, and soon the exclusive Microsoft Azure Peering Service (MAPS).

Richard continues; “Thanks to the partnership with Equinix in Ashburn and the promotion of 100GE service, we want to see another phase of growth in the LINX NoVA region. At our global hubs, we witness a thriving mix of access networks, end-user networks, various subscriber types and content distribution. Internet Exchange Point's central mission is to seamlessly connect these elements, bridging the gap between engaging content and end users.”

“What's really remarkable and continues to unfold is the exceptional variety of values that are now being offered throughout the exchange. We see a rich array of offerings that span different business models, including enterprise solutions and the changing landscape of shared workforces. This shift highlights innovation and adaptability within the industry as we meet the ever-changing needs of our connected digital world.”

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