HMD Global is planting trees for all Nokia devices purchased from the Romanian series

16. 10. 2021 Saturday / By: Robert Denes / Generic / Exact time: BST / Print this page

The newly marketed handset purchased in Romania (Nokia XR20, Nokia X20, Nokia X10, Nokia G50, Nokia G20 and Nokia G10) listed in parentheses can be registered online by users, with which two or five trees will be planted on behalf of the users.

HMD Global, a Nokia phone-licensed company, yesterday launched the Plant Together project, developed in partnership with the EcoAssist Association through the "Plant good doeds in Romania" initiative. Within the project, all terminals of the Nokia series newly launched in Romania, namely the Nokia XR20, Nokia X20, Nokia X10, Nokia G50, Nokia G20 and Nokia G10, will be registered for planting trees on behalf of users, Alba, Bacau , Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu and Timiș counties. Thus, five trees can be planted on each Nokia XR20 terminal, four trees on each Nokia X20, three trees on each Nokia X10 and Nokia G50, and each Nokia G20 and Nokia G10 on one. trees planted for users.

Robert Siewierski, CEO of HMD Global Eastern Europe, said: “This year we have set ourselves the ambitious goal of planting one million trees to rebuild the environment and be able to meet the new challenges, and Romania is setting an important cornerstone in achieving this goal. We are determined to help steer the current economic system towards a more sustainable model - we are even talking about redesigning the production chain to ensure that our terminals can be used in optimal parameters for at least 3 years, more than a year above average. donating the full amount of the proceeds from the sale of chargers to NGOs that contribute to the release of waste from waterways, or behold, undertaking biodiversity restoration goals, without which none of us and future generations could live in the conditions we are used to. HMD Global is a responsible company that is constantly changing and we believe we must actively contribute to the introduction of new standards in the field. That is why we are glad that a proactive initiative such as the Planting of Good Deeds in Romania has noticed this and has joined us without hesitation on this beautiful path."

Marin Toma, President of the EcoAssist Association, said: “We carry our forests in thought and spirit, and we owe them their past, present and future. Today, we all feel that we are indebted to them and that the journey to a community that benefits everyone by nature is long and difficult. But it is necessary. All these years, our mission has been and continues to be to plant forests and grow with them. We are delighted that HMD Global has joined the We Plant Good Works in Romania initiative and that we can continue the mission that we are pursuing with this kind of movement that is dear to us. Last but not least, we are honored to be part of a global initiative to plant one million trees and work together to restore the planet's resources."

In recent years, HMD Global has taken a number of important steps to reduce its impact on the environment - from giving up the phone charger in the box to ensuring the longest possible life of the terminal through continuous security updates. All of this is helping the planet by reducing the amount of e-waste, and now the company is moving forward in its mission, actually planting trees around the world and in Romania through the “Planting Good Deeds in Romania” initiative.

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