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After several months of rumors, Oppo France has announced the cessation of its activities

24. 07. 2023 Monday / By: Robert Denes / Industrial / Exact time: BST / Print this page

D espite the victory in the first instance of the lawsuit against Nokia, Oppo France, Yang Technology, the exclusive distributor of the Oppo brand in France, is ceasing its activities. So, Oppo's exclusive distributor in France, Yang Technology, has announced that it will cease operations in the area.

Yang Technology is the name of the company behind Oppo France, which is a separate entity from Oppo Monde as such. The two companies cooperate, but are well separated from each other. It is also possible that Oppo Monde still wants to maintain the appearance of its presence in France, despite the fact that the fate of Yang Technology is threatened.

Specifically, this news means that you won't be able to buy Oppo smartphones directly from this distributor any time soon. You can still get supplies from resellers. Oppo Monde also wants to be reassuring regarding the tracking of products already purchased and those still to be purchased in the coming weeks, as this sentence from their announcement shows:

"Customer support will be taken over by Oppo, so all users can continue to use Oppo products, access after-sales services, receive future OS updates, etc. Notably, Yang Technology is leaving as we learn that Oppo has won a lawsuit against Nokia. This lawsuit is one of the two reasons often cited as an explanation for the withdrawal."

Here's what Oppo had to say on the subject:

"OPPO has received the decisions of the Paris Court, the French judge declares that the patents of Nokia EP486 and EP731 are considered invalid due to lack of novelty. Thus, OPPO won the trial at first instance after two years of court proceedings related to the patents of Nokia EP486 and EP731".

Did Oppo kill its distribution chain too soon? Are you afraid that if you appeal, you will lose on appeal, since this is a victory at first instance? It's hard to imagine Nokia, which won against Oppo in Germany on the same issue, not trying to initiate an appeal process.

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