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Nokia TA-1277 coming soon to Canada

Nokia Mobile plans to launch a new 4G smartphone in the coming months, with a total of four versions, the foreign versions of TA: TA-1275 (S ingle S IM) and TA-1270 (D ual S IM), and the Americas (Continent). ) variants TA-1277 (SS) and TA-1274 (DS). The TA-1277 version is designed to appear in Canada as it has been certified in that country. Some specifications for the Nokia TA-1277 are known because they were previously published on the FCC certification site.

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Leaked Nokia 2.4 specifications, release date and price

Take a look at the leaked specification of the Nokia 2.4, which has a brand name with a 6.5-inch display in HD resolution. The Nokia 2.4 Octa-core runs on a Helio P22 processor and has a large 4500 mAH battery.

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Nokia Gamora Plus on the Nokia C3 with 3GB of RAM coming soon

A new Nokia smartphone with the codename “GamoraPlus” on Geébench powered by a Unisoc ARM processor with 2GB of RAM and running on Android 10. Surprisingly, the Nokia C3 still appears on Geébench today with the same code. -named “GamoraPlus,” it supports the same Unisoc ARM processor and runs on Android 10, but this time it was tested with 3GB of RAM.

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Nokia phones with Marvel superheroes

Surely you also love Marvel’s superheroes, which you’ve seen on the screen and in everyday life on several occasions. Nokia Mobile, or the team responsible for creating the new phone, is associated with the Marvel characters. Several new Nokia phones will be named after superheroes in the near future. We hope and trust that not only will the names of the phones become super heroes but the phones themselves will be equipped with a new super technology!

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Nokia 8.3 5G (TA-1243) and Nokia 2.4 / 6.3 / 7.3 5G (TA-1270) are already Russian certified

It is also clear from this leaked source that the highly anticipated new Nokia 8.3 5G (TA-1243) and Nokia 2.4 / 6.3 / 7.3 5G (TA-1270) phones will soon be on store shelves. The new Nokia smartphones have already appeared in the Russian certification in which the TA-1243 and TA-1270 have been added to the list of certified Nokia phones in the database in Russia as well.

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Canadian certification for Nokia 6.3, Nokia 7.3 5G, Nokia 2.4 TA-1277, strengthening the launch market in the US and Canada

The Nokia TA-1277, which has now appeared on the Canadian certification list, will soon be available in Canada. You can already read that the previously leaked Nokia 2.4 / 6.3 / 7.3 5G smartphone version TA-1277 is US FCC certified and now also Canadian certified.

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Nokia 5.3 launches in August in India

The Nokia 5.3 mid-range smartphone will soon be available in India in August as the COVID situation has forced HMD Global to make some adjustments.

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Nokia TA-1258 smartphone with full specifications and photos

Check out the unofficially announced Nokia TA-1258 smartphone for certification and photos.

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Nokia TA-1258 full specifications

Thanks to Tenaa, Nokia’s latest TA-1258 specification, which I reported to you yesterday, has been leaked. Yesterday, we saw the launch of a new Nokia smartphone for the Chinese market on the TENAA certification site. Not much information can be found outside of the Android phone, but it has changed now.

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A Nokia TA-1258 smartphone has been released for Tenna certification

Here is another leaked Nokia phone certificate that bears the new Nokia TA-1258 version number and it is already a smartphone. The certificate is Tenna certified and this smartphone has a 5.99 inch display and is certified to have a 3040 mAH battery.

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Versions of Nokia 6.3, Nokia 7.3 5G and Nokia 2.4, TA-1274 / TA-1275 in FCC certification

Specifications for newer Nokia phones have become available on the US FCC website which are two new Single-SIM and Dual-SIM versions of the Nokia 2.4 / 6.3 / 7.3 5G 5G, TA-1270 and TA-1277. The certification of the TA-1275 clearly reveals that this is another version of the TA-1270. The only difference between the two versions is Dual-SIM and network band support.

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Nokia 2.4 specifications, release dates, prices and other details

The specifications of another Nokia phone have been leaked, this time called Nokia 2.4. Here you can now see the leaked specifications and features of the new Nokia 2.4 device.

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Nokia Wolverine - Certification of a new Nokia 4G smartphone at Geebench

New day new certification. It’s been almost a day this week not to have read about Nokia phone certification. And here ... here's the newer one! Two pieces of phone certification became visible on the Geébench website on June 18, one of which is definitely a smartphone, while the other is probably a feature phone. We currently have a Nokia smartphone with the codename “Wolverine” that will appear for the first time on Geébench.

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Nokia TA-1277 is certified by the FCC site - USA

You can see more and more Nokia device certificates in the certification lists of different countries and regions. Another Nokia device is certified in U.S. Pat. On the website of the Federal Telecommunications Commission with (FCC), now numbered TA-1277.

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Nokia TA-1258 4G phone certification in China

In recent days, you have seen the release of several certificates (FCC and Anatel) showing the release of another Nokia phone and now you can see the latest certificate issued by the Chinese CCC (China Mandatory Certificate) showing the release of a new Nokia device in Asian China.

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Nokia TA-1263 5G device version has been published in the Anatel database

On Wednesday, you could already read about the expected release of a new phone in the United States, which was published by the FCC, but now another Nokia phone model has appeared with TA-1263 5G in the Brazilian Anatel database.

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New Nokia smartphone version TA-1277 is FCC certified - USA

A new Nokia smartphone version, the TA-1277 has been released in the U.S. Federal Telecommunications Commission website with (FCC) certification, battery capacity 4380 mAH. This will be the second Nokia smartphone after the Nokia 8.3 5G, which comes with a 4500 mAH battery.

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Android 11 new operating system release on September 8

Google is scheduled to release the latest iteration of Android 11 as early as September 8, based on the latest leaked information. Information posted on Twitter shows that Google sent a notice to developers about the release of Android on September 11th.

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Nokia 7.3 5G leaked specifications, release date, price

Take a look at the unspecified Nokia 7.3 5G smartphone leaked specifications and features.

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Nokia 8.3 5G has Vidhance enhanced video software technology

Coming soon.... The Nokia 8.3 5G is the latest, affordable high-end Nokia phone that could be a good step forward for Nokia. The Nokia 8.3, a lower-priced 5G smartphone, already features new camera technology that can be appreciated by camera-centric Nokia fans.

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