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When the phones were having fun

Check out this demo of old Nokia phones shared by Michael Fisher, aka Mr Mobile on his YouTube channel. In the video, you can see old Nokia phones again that even had a design and even the Symbian Os drove them with steam power to the top. Nokia on top! The legendary phones that a world has loved! The legendary phones for which we are excitedly waiting for the next series.

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Nokia started operating in India 25 years ago

A quarter of a century ago, the Finnish telecommunications Nokia Nokia began operations in India. In July 1995, then-EU telecoms minister Sukh Ram made the first wireless call using a handheld mobile phone to Jyoti Basu, the prime minister of West Bengal. The phone call was exchanged via Mutt Telstra’s MobileNet service between the Kolkata Writing Building and Sanchar Bhawan in New Delhi.

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Nokia is setting up a robotics laboratory in IISc

Nokia on Tuesday announced a partnership with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) to create a Nokia Center of Excellence for networked robotics.

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Nokia OZO Audio reaches a new audience

Recently, many smartphone and camera manufacturers have chosen Nokia OZO Audio tech to record audio on their smartphones. However, the fact that ASUS has implemented OZO Audio not only in a camera but also in other recorded sounds of the device, such as a voice memo and voice message.

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Withings ScanWatch from September 2020 in stores

In January 2020, the French company Withings, formerly owned by Nokia and known as Nokia Health, announced one of the most interesting wrist devices for some time. Withings ScanWatch is a combination of the well-known Withings Steel HR and Withings Move ECG.

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Nokia launches Nokia Essential True wireless headset and headset

Nokia yesterday launched a new series of “Nokia Essential True Wireless Headphones and Headphones”, RichGo as a brand licensed. tThe Nokia website will soon offer three audio accessories: "Nokia Essential True Wireless Headset E3200", "Nokia Essential True Wireless Headset E3500" and "Nokia Essential Wireless Headset E1200".

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Nokia Mobile is donating 50 smartphones in Australia

Nokia Mobile is donating through a CCNB non-profit, community-based organization to people in need this time in Australia. A The CCNB provides impartial information, advice and guidance to help people access health and community services.

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Panasonic Lumix G100 camera - Nоkіа ОZО Аudіо technology used

Did you know that Panasonic's new mirrorless camera, the Lumix G100, is powered by Nokia OZO Audio technology?

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Nokia 9.3 Plus PureView (2020) concept video

Watch this new video, although an officially released version of the Nokia 9.3 Plus (2020) Gadget Arena. Nokia 9.3 Plus has launched, now introducing new Nokia 9.3 Plus PureView 2020 Latest Update, introduction concept trailer With Phone Specifications, the flagship of the Finnish company Nokia. The video is a great introduction to the design of the device, shape design, cameras, camera lenses .... etc.

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Nokia Mobile discount phone promotion in Europe

Do you live in Europe? Are you a tourist? Buy discount Nokia phones at 20%, 30% ... because now through Nokia's official website, it currently offers product packages in 10 European countries with huge discounts.

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Nokia employs internal auditors in India

And miracle .... job offer from Nokia! Nokia is recruiting internal auditors for its branch in Haryana, Gurgaon. In 2018, Nokia employed approximately 103,000 people in more than 100 countries, did business in more than 130 countries, and had annual revenues of approximately € 23 billion. Qualifications: Accounting, Diploma in Finance or Related Sciences, Certified Public Accountant / Certified Public Accountant, Certified Internal Auditor, MBA.

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Nokia 5.3 Unpacking Video Tutorial Series

Check out this new unpacking video streamed this time by the people of Greek Tech Travel Geeks about the Nokia 5.3. Nokia 5.3 is also available in a revamped box that now places more emphasis on the phone. The rest of the box is the same, with a short list of specifications on the back of the new Android logo and a more visible Nokia logo on the front.

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Nokia 150 (2020) unpacking videos

Check out this immersive video series that consists of three parts You can see the Nokia 150 (2020) recently unveiled in Asian countries. Nokia Mobile announced the Nokia 150 (2020) worldwide in May. Nokia 150 (2020) is now available for purchase in retail stores in Vietnam.

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Android applications fix common problems on Nokia and other smartphones

People at Nokia Power User have made a demonstration video on how to fix app issues on Nokia and other Android smartphones. There may be issues such as app crashes with “unfortunately app stopped” or “app stop / close” messages, apps not performing well, launching too slowly, and so on.

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