Nokia OZO Audio reaches a new audience

23. 07. 2020 Thursday / By: Robert Denes / Generic / Exact time: BST

Recently, many smartphone and camera manufacturers have chosen Nokia OZO Audio tech to record audio on their smartphones. However, the fact that ASUS has implemented OZO Audio not only in a camera but also in other recorded sounds of the device, such as a voice memo and voice message.

This is Nokia's full implementation of OZO Audio. When we first launched OZO, we aimed to make our technology the market-leading audio solution for a wide range of audiences and devices, be it smartphones, consumer cameras or body cameras. And today we are pleased to continue to develop our vision.

With the recent launch of the ROG Phone 3 series, ASUS is the latest device maker to announce smartphones with OZO Audio. With this launch, a whole new audience of users arrives who can experience the power of OZO Audio first hand.

What makes the ROG phone the first is that OZO Audio has been realized to the fullest to date. Device manufacturers usually turn to us to apply OZO’s technology expertise specifically to the device’s video recording capabilities. The advantage of this is the highest quality sound recording for all film applications. However, with ASUS, we went one step further by applying OZO Audio as a standard to all recorded audio on the device. This means that voice memos and voice messages also benefit from OZO Audio’s excellent voice recording capabilities. The end result is crystal clear, just sound recordings, with features like Audio 3D that allows for excellent spatial recording and Audio Windscreen, the industry leader in wind noise cancellation.

Our collaboration with ASUS has been fruitful from the start and we have developed a close-knit summary to create the best audio experience for their game-centric phone line. By their very nature, gamers have strict performance expectations, and ROG Phone (“ROG” stands for Gamers Republic) is the most powerful smartphone launched this year. With a strong emphasis on performance, ASUS has been looking for audio recording technology that can meet the high-performance expectations of basic audiences.

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